Title  :  ENCOMMUNICATION: Journal of Communication Studies
First published  :  June 2023
Short title  :  EJCS
Abbreviation  :  Enco. J. Com. Stu.
Frequency  :  2 issues per year (June and December)
Harvest  :  OAI PMH
DOI  :  https://doi.org/10.21267/ejcs.v1i1
ISSN  :   3025-2954 (Online - Elektronik)
Editor-in-Chief  :  Dr. Oknita, M. A.
Language  :  English, Arabic and Indonesia
Publisher  :  Enlightment Publishing
Subject Area  :  Arts and Humanities
Category   :  Communication
Discipline  :  Communication, Islamic Communication, Media

ENCOMMUNICATION: Journal of Communication Studies is a peer-review journal published by Enlightenment Publishing, Indonesia. We welcome all contributions on the following topics media, journalism, strategic communication and all field related to communication studies. The article that uses critical theories/perspectives and encourages the spirit of empowerment would be more preferred.

ENCOMMUNICATION: Journal of Communication Studies publishes twice a year, in June and December, by the Enlightenment Publishing, Indonesia. Jurnal ENCOMMUNICATION is available in  electronic version 3025-2954 (online).

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): ENCOMMUNICATION: Journal of Communication Studies

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21267/ejcs.v1i2

Published: 2023-07-20

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